Who we are

We are a congregation of believers united in Christ and recognize that we are each called by God to share Christ with others. Looking to him for guidance and help and trusting in his mercy, grace and forgiveness, we resolve to do the following:

  • Provide for growth in grace and faith through the preaching and teaching of the gospel and administration of the sacraments.
  • Become servants of one another in an atmosphere of mutual love and support.
  • Follow Christ’s example to us as we reach out to others in word and deed.


Our pastor is The Reverend Michael T. Lembke.

Contact:  pastormikelembke@gmail.com

Susan Brunelle is our organist, and our parish administrator is Pamela A Wilsey.  Our Christian Education director is Allison Merrill Strunz.

Contact:  office@stpaulwarwick.org