What we do


From September to June, we begin at 9:00am in the chapel where we all sing together. At 9:15am, the students go to their age appropriate room. We have three classes serving children ages 3-12 (Pre-K and Kindergarten, 1st through 3rd grade, and 4th through 6th grade). The curriculum we use is called “Living the Good News.” It is a lectionary-based program of the ELCA. After Sunday School, students return to the sanctuary so that they can receive communion with their families and hear a special children’s message from the Pastor.

Children’s Library

We have an assortment of books and DVD’s for a variety of ages in the library. Students are encouraged to borrow those of interest to them. If anyone would like to donate Christian books or has a suggestion of books to buy, please contact the church office 737-6758.

Free Community Lunch

Wednesdays and Sundays at 11:30, we provide a meal for the community. Some people come for the food, others come for the fellowship. Join us!

Anonymous Groups

We also host several AA, NA, GA, and Al-Anon groups. Check their websites for meeting schedules.